CUBS (Age 3-7)

Developing & building confidence

The Mighty Lil Tiger early childhood program focuses on personal safety and age‐appropriate physical development. Children will develop personal safety techniques including what to do in an emergency, what to do if they become lost and stranger danger. Children will also develop essential physical skills including gross and fine motor skills, visual‐spatial awareness and hand‐eye coordination. These skills are essential pre‐cursors to early academic work in the school environment. Instructors use positive support techniques to introduce children to positive learning experiences ‐ also a pre‐cursor for successful future learning. Children also learn basic life skills such as how to take turns and follow instructions, respect for others, self‐confidence and having a positive attitude. Children develop a sense of belonging and also develop essential social skills.

MIGHTY TIGERS (age 8-12)

Character building & discipline The Mighty Tigers primary program focuses on consolidating the fundamentals of self‐defence, Taekwondo techniques and skills and other martial arts techniques. The program has a holistic approach regarding both self‐development and team building. Team members experience the benefits of good behaviour, teamwork, good manners, mutual respect, tolerance, patience and trying their best. The Mighty Tigers program is physically demanding, ensuring team members become physically fit and capable. The program is also flexible, with capacity to modify activities for team members with additional needs. Regular opportunities to participate in gradings and competitions are provided with a high level of support and guidance from our Instructors. The program also covers valuable lessons on stranger danger, bullying and avoiding undesirable situations. The development of these essential physical and tactical skills in a positive and supportive learning environment opens the door to the gifts of self‐confidence, self‐respect and an I CAN DO attitude. The Mighty Tigers program can make a difference to all aspects of a child's life.

TEENS (age 13+)

Making the right choices

Senior Program (Ages 13+)

TEENS (age 13+)

Making the right choices

ADULTS (age 18+)

Unbeatable confidence & powerful mindset

The Irontiger Seniors program has been developed to suit teenagers, and men and women of all ages. Irontiger guarantees that after your first lesson you will have usable skills that will stay with you for life! Seniors learn Irontiger's Taekwondo self‐defence system which is powerful but fun and easy to learn. The program includes plenty of technical kicking and punching with lots of pad work. Students should not worry about getting hit or hurt. The classes are a highly controlled and safe environment. Classes mix technical work with plenty of strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance and conditioning work.

Regular opportunities to participate in gradings and competitions are provided with a high level of support, preparation and guidance from our Instructors. Classes are fun, interesting and challenging. Students learn how to protect themselves while becoming fit and enjoying themselves!

Sparring Club


SENIORS TEAM (age 15+)


The sparring club is a program offered to all students of all belt colours aged 5 yrs+. The sparring club develops student’s fitness, co‐ordination and confidence. This club also offers the opportunity to students who want to be potential competitors. The Elite Sparring Club Team is for athletes with the drive, ambition and competitive mind set. It is an intensive Taekwondo training program lead by Commonwealth Gold Medallist and National Team Coach Master Di Carn.

This program has seen our athletes achieve success both Internationally and on the world stage at the Commonwealth Championships. With highly specialised Technical and Tactical training unlike anywhere in Australia, the Elite Sparring Club guarantees to develop the athlete as a whole while guiding them to their full potential. Irontiger trains No.1 Ranked Athlete ‘Kate McAdam’ – Olympic Athlete Program and Commonwealth Silver Medallist. You may have seen her on TV!

Additional Training


Chodanbo and Black Belts of all ages – this class is held once a month in preparation for grading. Some aspects we will cover are blocking, punching, striking, kicking, poomsae, kali sticks and self defence.


Private lessons can be booked in at anytime and for any reason. You may want to practice specific patterns, improve your kicking technique, working on sparring techniques or just brush up on some techniques you learn in class that week. We are here and we are ababile for you! Book in now with Master Di or one of our other faboulous instructors.


Personal training sessions can be booked in at any time with as little as 30mins, 1hr or even for 1.5hrs. Our personal training program is designed specifically for you! Come and chat to us and see how we can help you.