Childrens Martial Arts - MIGHTY TIGERS (age 8-12)

Character building & discipline

The Mighty Tigers primary program focuses on consolidating the fundamentals of self‐defence, Taekwondo techniques and skills and other martial arts techniques.

The program has a holistic approach regarding both self‐development and team building. Team members experience the benefits of good behaviour, teamwork, good manners, mutual respect, tolerance, patience and trying their best.The Mighty Tigers program is physically demanding, ensuring team members become physically fit and capable. The program is also flexible, with capacity to modify activities for team members with additional needs.

Regular opportunities to participate in gradings and competitions are provided with a high level of support and guidance from our Instructors.The program also covers valuable lessons on stranger danger, bullying and avoiding undesirable situations. The development of these essential physical and tactical skills in a positive and supportive learning environment opens the door to the gifts of self‐confidence, self‐respect and an I CAN DO attitude.

The Mighty Tigers program can make a difference to all aspects of a child's life.


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