About Irontiger Taekwondo

Irontiger Taekwondo is an Australian company who has produced many state and national champions. Unlike many other martial arts, we only provide Taekwondo programs that are implemented by experienced instructors. All of our programs are designed for each year group ensuring high levels of participation, motivation, and enjoyment regardless of gender or age.Irontiger Taekwondo aims to teach as many people as possible the art of Taekwondo and to encourage everyone's inner passion.

  • we are committed 100% to each student
  • we are courageous
  • we are truthful
  • we are responsible
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  • Oceania 2
  • Oceania 3

    We strive to make a difference in our teaching and to make the class environment as friendly and comfortable as possible. Irontiger accommodates for all needs and learning abilities.If you have an aspiration to become an Olympian or a TKD Champion than Irontiger can help you get where you want. Through personal training and self-motivation, Irontiger will help to make your dreams become reality.

    Opportunities are endless at Irontiger Taekwondo, from our qualified instructors, friendly students, Taekwondo Australia Seminars and inter-club activities.

    We are qualified, we are friendly and we are passionate about teaching our students. We believe in setting a new standard in how we teach you and your children, come and LEARN THE ART, come and DISCOVER what you can achieve, join in THE PASSION AT IRONTIGER. 

    Our Staff 

    All Irontiger instructors are highly motivated, experienced and lead by Commonwealth Champion and Gold Medalist Dianne Carn. Instructors at Irontiger must pass a minimum Level 1 National Accredited Coaching Scheme course in order to be part of this leading company. All staff at Irontiger are insured and child protection screened. Our head instructor, Dianne Carn has extensive experience teaching and implementing programs for all ages. 

    Our Name 'Irontiger'

    Iron - a metal on earth that brings STRENGTH

    Tiger - a powerful animal who symbolises the power of SILENCEGRACE and PRECISION